The Pastors Tale

“The unfinished work of the Church is to make sure every person on earth hears about the finished work of the cross.” Louie Giglio

"I could tell right away that your perspective on the issues facing missions today is absolutely accurate."

a senior Missions leader

Can you imagine a a pastor that is in a far off land, or might actually be from another culture but is living right next door.

He was fortunate to go to some Bible College, most of his other pastor friends did not. The Bible college was taught by missionaries from a very foreign culture. Who came to teach him about the Bible and lead the church. Some of the course work was helpful, but some of it just did not fit in his situation, his small village church or culture. Many in his village are openly hostile to the church. They believe that it is against not only their religion but their culture too. They say he has become a foreigner.

Throughout the week he has to work 40 to 60 hours just to feed his family. He tries to prepare a message for the people. Fortunately for him he has a Bible is in his own language, the people in the next province over are not so lucky and have to use a Bible that is not even their language. He is grateful for his Bible and the concordance has been very helpful, but that is not so common.

On Sunday while talking to the members of his church, he hears about some people who have been telling his congregation about a new way of understanding what the Bible means. He knows it is not correct as it does not match what he has been taught and knows in his heart, but he can not quite give an adequate argument for himself or his congregation. The people teaching a new and different way of understanding the Bible are very persuasive and convincing.

He has heard about and even seen books in English that expose the very heart of the Bible, from a cultural, historical and linguistic background. These are far outside his reach financially with barely enough money to feed his family. They also don't address his culture and situation. He wants to prepare sermons that connect the Bible to where people are at exposing them to the awesome beauty of the Bible but feels as though he is just skimming the surface. He wants to teach the very heart of the Bible to see people transformed by gods working through him and in the hearts of his people to make them into his church.

He knows the passage by heart:

"preach the word; be ready in season and out of season; reprove, rebuke, and exhort, with complete patience and teaching. 2 Timothy 4:2 (ESV)

He knows that there is so much that he does not understand, and he is feels completely inadequate. He knows of local pastors, many of them dear friends, who have left the ministry. They have left, not just because of the challenge of pastoring but many from a deep sense of inadequacy in knowing the word and having confidence in being able to teach and preach it.

The Challenge

Resources for studying Gods word might not lead to a revival around the world, that is ultimately the Holy Spirits work. They are important for equipping pastors and church leaders to know and teach the word.

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